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Car RD45 / RD43 Bluetooth Wireless MIC Audio Adapter Cable for Citroen C2/C5 / Peugeot 307 408 508

Car RD45 / RD43 Bluetooth Wireless MIC Audio Adapter Cable for Citroen C2/C5 / Peugeot 307 408 508

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1. Using BK Bluetooth master chip, Bluetooth 5.0 version, high-speed transmission without distortion, and the sound quality can reach high-definition standards.
2. The car Bluetooth music player has wireless music transmission function and is aimed at car audio. Using Bluetooth transmission, you can say goodbye to messy, and you can also play music online. In the era of streaming media, various online APPs are quite convenient, and the audio source is updated in a timely manner.
3. This product is aimed at different brands of models, and is equipped with different connectors and plugs according to the reserved interface behind the original car host. The product uses a wide range of voltage input to adapt to different use environments.
4. Use Bluetooth music: tap the function key once to change the next song. Long press the function key for two seconds to switch to the previous song.
5. If the call comes, tap the function key to answer the call. If you need to hang up, tap the function button to hang up.
6. Adopt high-end Bluetooth module with noise reduction filter function. The product uses digital audio processing to restore HIFI sound quality.
7. Bluetooth name: JieRui-BT 5408
8. Bluetooth version: 5.0
9. Voltage: 5-12V
10. Suitable for Citroen C2 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.C3 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4 C4 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4 C5 2004 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.C6 Blaupunkt/Bosch RD4 C4 2005 C8 2004 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Citroen Berlingo 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Citroen Jumpy 2007 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Citroen Synergie 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Petroen Expert + Blaupunkt/VDO/Petroen7V RD4.Peugeot 207 2006 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Peugeot 307 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Peugeot 307SW 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Peugeot 2004RDBlaupunkt/Blaupunkt/VDO/VDO/VDO/VDO/VDO/VDO Blaupunkt/VDO/Blaupunkt 3004CCC 2007 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Peugeot 407 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Peugeot 407SW 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Peugeot 607 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4. Bosch RD4.Peugeot 1007 2005 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.Peugeot 4007 2007 + Blaupunkt/VDO/Bosch RD4.

Note: We do not confirm that it is 100% compatible with the above model years. Before you order, please make sure that the connector fits your car. You need to remove the stereo to install this kit on your car.

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